Great Gratefulness

slob, humor, girls dishes

Today’s gonna be a different kind of dishes post.             Yeah?              Yeah.

Today I’m not gonna be my usual whiny, bratty, doan wanna do the dishes, self.          Really??              This I gotta see!!

Yes, really.           Today I am going to be grateful for dirty dishes.                Say WHAAAA????         Are ya sick?        Got a fever??          I’m starting to worry about you!           Maybe you better go lie down, till this fit goes away.

No, seriously.           I’m grateful for this pile of dirty dishes.

slob, humor, dirty dishes


slob, humor, dirty dishes

  • That’s all there are!          (Thank you purging!!         Even tho I spy 2 things that somehow I missed during the great Love House purge.)

slob, humor, bowl, fork

  •  It means we have food to eat.
  • These mean I had the privilege of having my sweet babies for the weekend.

slob, humor, girls dishes

  •  I have actual dishes to eat out of.
  •  No more roaches crawling all over them, even tho they were left out dirty all night!!
  •  I know I have soap, and running water to wash them.
  •  They were only left overnight, not for a week!!        No stink, in the sink!
  •  I have a home, where I can store dishes, and food.

Today I am so very, very grateful to God, for those dirty dishes.

A Thankfulness Theme post.        Brought to you by a change in perspective.

slob, humor, thankfull



  1. Hi Melinda, how are you my friend? I am so sorry for not visiting before now, my blogging and visits are crawling to a go-slow, collecting bugs here there and everywhere! You have a home…oh I am so happy for you. It sounds like you’ve had such a rough time. And I’m not sure what’s been going on with WP…did you get it sorted out? What a nightmare for you. Love your header…it’s beautiful. Like you, beautiful soul. I’m grateful and thankful you for dear friend. Love & hugs to you from me. Thank you so much for sticking with me, and I am here sticking with you! 🙂 <3 🙂 xoxo

    1. Aww, Sherri, hi!! I’m doing good.
      You’re collecting bugs?? I sure hope they are the computer kind!!
      Yeah, stuff happening. But every one has challenges! I just blog, and whine about mine!
      No, can’t seem to find a number to talk to a real live person. It’s very frustrating!
      Thank you! I’ve been changing the header every month, this year. Trying out something different!
      I’m grateful for you, and your friendship, as well!
      We are friends thru thick, and thin times!! whether we read posts or not, for a while, our friendship still blooms! I’ll be by shortly to visit!
      <3 <3

    1. Of course! lol They were $5 at Walmart, for a 4 place setting. Somehow, the blue and green dishes never made it out of the van into the house.
      Hmmmmm, how did that happen?? 😉 Thank you so much, Carrie. I really appreciate your support!

  2. All bugs bugged out – that in itself is something to be grateful for! I love your gratefullness perspective – sending blessings your way, dear friend!

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