Joy’s Jewelry

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Yeah, not really about jewelry at all.        Sorry!

slob, humor, my ring

(Really my ring, this time!)

But ’bout the new furniture for Joy House.        Usually people say new hardware is jewelry for a house; drawer pulls, door knobs, etc.          But since I won’t have any of that, my new furniture is my jewelry!!

Living room:slob, humor, reclinerslob, humor, recliner







Look!          We have matching recliners!            Are we seriously cute, or what??

slob, humor, love seat

Dining room:

slob, humor, dinette
The Worlds Cutest Li’l Dinette Set!

The ends fold up, to make room for 4, when we have the girls over.         And we have the other chairs from DH’s white set, still.


The World’s Most Comfy, Cushy bed!                                slob, humor, new bed

Yes, we did get purple cotton sheets before we slept on it!     This pic doesn’t show how tall it is, but much taller than our double one in Love House.     YAY!!    And it’s a queen, so bigger too!!      Double yay!!

Screened Porch:

slob, humor, patio set
The yellow squares are foam blocks. Impossible to hurt people!

Our “jeweler”, Carolina, wrote us a nice thank you note.

slob, humor, thank you note
How sweet, a thank you note!

I love Joy’s jewelry!

A Joy House post.      Brought to you by Badcock’s furniture, and monthly payments.

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