May’s Miles Marked

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In May, I walked 22.12 miles!!      (51,928 steps)   Just by doing my daily routine, and making sure I had my phone in my pocket!          It really does seem almost like a miracle!

slob, health, May steps
Look at this big number, would ya!!

Week 1  April 29 – May 5    5.24 miles

Week 2  May 6 – 12              4.31 miles

Week 3 May 13- 19             5.38 miles

Week 4 May 20- 26             6.12 miles

Week 5 May 27 – June 2      4.83 miles

Yes, looking at this, I realize the first, and last week overlap days, with the other months.        Hmmmmm, will have to figure out how to prevent that.


Week 1: May 1- 7      10,525 steps           All good days!        YAY!!

Week 2: May 8- 14    12,044 steps           May 9: 703       Not a good day.

Week 3: May 15- 21   12,836 steps          May 23: 758     Not a great day.

                                                                      May 25: 3,318    A terrifically excellent day!

slob, health, 3,318 steps!

Week 4: May 22- 28    11,615 steps         May 27:  351    Obviously a bad, stay in bed day.

slob, health, 351 steps
Pain filled day and/or depressed.








Week 5: May 29 -31      4,908                    Pretty good for only 3 days!!

Tracking my steps is actually a great way to keep track of my horrible days, so I can report to my doctors, too!       I didn’t even think of that benefit when I started.        I can pinpoint the exact days I was in bad pain, or really depressed.

Thank you, all who pushed encouraged me to start tracking!

April’s count ended up as 18,525!!            7.89 miles!! 

May’s count: 22.12 miles.            Didn’t I mention something about a marathon??     In Wakey Walkey, I said “Half marathon,  here I come!”        And lookee there, I’m almost at a whole one!!       So what if it took me a month to do it?!             I more than doubled my last month’s total, so it’s a hugely wild success for me!

Warning:  Do not expect me to double my mileage every month!!          My mileage may vary!!

(I feel another chart coming on!!)

Brought to you by purple Nikes, and sore, tired feet.

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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