May’s Momentum

slob, humor, 1200/2018

Apres April, I was on a roll!!!        I carried the momentum thru May!

Well, in decluttering anyway!!

Look what I did!!     

slob, humor, 1200/2018
Over half way there!!

 I actually ended May with over 1200!!         So proud of me!!          Oh, and DH too, of course!!

Girls       Almost made it to 300!   

slob, humor, 200 /2018

 Only 11 more boxes to go!

May items:                                             YTD:

DH, Me:           363                              1256

Girls:                  16                               289     

Totals:            379                               1545

I forgot to mark my calendar, as to how many days I/we purged, but we got so much done, does it really matter??


Savings:    This category tanked, big time.          Moving is expensive!!

Yep, we are both wiped out.       🙁          So discouraging!!             Well, June is another month.        We just have to start again!            Buying a new home, even a mobile one, is not cheap!


May Savings:                 YTD:

Me:           -52.99              5.88

DH:            -26.50              5.48

Totals:     -79.99             11.36  

Just.So.Sad.        Makes me want to cry.         I was SO proud of ourselves last month!!

Well, pride does go before a fall!          Just saying!

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Well, you almost got it right!

But, now we have a home with no bugs!!        That is priceless!!

And a set amount each month, for rent etc!!          {Still have to worry about electricity, tho.     But I can’t see that being $165 in that little place!         😉      The first bill for 16 days was $53.      Which included a $16 set up fee.      So, we’re good!  }

Back to the savings, and on going with the decluttering.          Chin up!!


2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post. 


slob, humor, 2018 organising                                                 slob, humor, no spend                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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  1. Hi BBFFM,
    I’m confused by these numbers and letters. Oh well.
    Decluttering is good. When you give your used items to charity and you get a tax deduction, it’s win win. I never declutter enough. Maybe you’ll inspire me.
    Your BBFFJ

    1. These numbers are for decluttering items for May, and then year to date.
      DH is Dear Husband. Then our savings account balances.
      Shoot me an email or pm on FB, so I can explain more.
      I hope I do inspire you to declutter!!
      Love, your BBFFM

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