Mommy Memento

slob, humor, homemade card

Lookie here what I found, going thru that 2nd box.

slob, humor, homemade card
Happy Mother’s Day to me!    1998

So sweet!!

DD2, yes the Dr!!, made it for me when she was 9, for Mother’s Day.

Slob, humor, DD2's poem.

“Dear Mommy, I love you a lot.     I hope that you have a nice mother’s day.

You are my only mommy.       You will give “eny” thing for me.

I think I am going to give up on luky (Lucky).

Love, Kimberly”

(Her dog had runaway/gotten hit by a car/we never knew.)

I love that girl so much!  And I have written proof that she loves me!


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