Nick’s Nab

slob, humor, ugly old desk

Nick, my nephew, is moving into a house, with roomies, near his college.         Being as how we’re getting rid of stuff, we asked if he’d like some of it.

“SURE!”  was his quick, and enthusiastic response!

So, as we purged, this round, we sorted into donations, Nick, and trash.

Anything you’d need to live in a house, we ran by him first, before getting rid of it.

Remember that old, clunky, computer desk??      (From May 2105??)

slob, humor, ugly old desk
It keeps coming back, like a bad penny!!
No give backs, Kristen!!

Niece Kristen wants it for next year, when she goes to college!!      Yeah!         1 more thing gone!

Can’t forget my other niece.     Hi Jaime!

We gave Nick some dishes, pots, pans, misc. kitchen stuff, and even some food we’ll never eat.

After he nabbed the stuff, I shot him on the way out the door.

slob, humor, nephew Nick
Gotchya, Nick!

(It was only a flesh wound.          He recovered quickly.)

There was a leftover dryer, at our new place, that Sis bought.       Also, she bought DD1’s fridge!!              We had quite a full load to take!!

So, Nick, and Kristen were happy.        Sister Michelle was happy.         DD1 was happy.         We were more than happy to get rid of more stuff!!

All’s well that ends well.

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter “N”, nephew, and nieces.

slob, humor, purple house

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