Paperwork Post

  1. Can ya spare a square?

CC is very interested in bathroom business, since she is potty training.

She has an open door policy.   She will follow PP and I in.     Or, she will allow us to follow her.    Very generous, and helpful.

One day we had our little parade, as usual, but she said she didn’t have to go.

My turn!

Very sweetly, she said “Papah?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

She handed me 1 square.

I look at it, look at her.

CC: “Mowah?”

Me : “Yes, please.”

She hands me an additional 2 squares.


Can’t really use sarcasm on a toddler who is helping.    But boy…  Was I ever tempted!      Instead:

Me : “Thank you honey!!     I love you!”

I know the day care is brainwashing teaching them to use just a tiny amount, but good grief!!          My tushy is VASTLY differently sized than theirs!!

So, I smiled, and waited to finish my paperwork until CC left the building room!


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