Roach Requiem

slob, humor, dead roach chart

Requiem for all the roaches that have given their lives in my pursuit of happiness, and a clean Love House.

slob, humor, hooded roach.
Hooded roach.


slob, humor, roach in amber
Roach encased in Baltic amber.



(I wasn’t the one who killed the one in the amber!        😉           Or the other one either!           Just sayin’.)

How many is all??

Only: 708!!                                        slob, humor, 700 roaches

Whoa!!     That’s a whopping big number!

Proof:   No, Kristy, don’t worry, no dead bodies!        I promised!

This proof:

slob, humor, dead roach chart

7 were killed by DH.       PP killed 1- very reluctantly, I might add.          Sometimes when CC would yell “Buh, buh!”    I would move in for the kill, and PP would literally stand in front of the bug.      Saying, “NO, Omie!!        Don’t kill this one!       It’s my best friend!”

Well, what do you do??          Ya don’t kill the best friend.         And then you try to negotiate with the screaming toddler.        Explaining that bug is Sissy’s friend, so we’re leaving it alone.           Yeah, it doesn’t go over well.         ChunkChunk and I share the same roach philosophy.           If it’s a roach, it needs to be dead.

But PP has such a tender heart, how could I stomp her best friend to death in front of her???            Nope, couldn’t do it.

CC tried to kill several, but her toddler coordination didn’t hold up to the task.          She’ll get ’em next time!         (Please God, may there never be a next time!!)

I can’t believe it.       I’m done forever with killing roaches at Love House!!!

And I will NOT say RIP to any of them!!


A Roach Reams post.         Brought to you by ALL the dead roaches.

slob,humor, kinds of roaches
Kinds of Roaches- just not ALL the kinds there are.

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  1. Hi BBFFM,
    Thanks for your link in my email. I signed up again. It’s good to be back.
    You have roaches? How awful? Am I understanding you correctly, over 700? Yuck.
    I seem them sometimes at school but at home we have a lot of moths, last night a huge fly. Normally ants but haven’t seen them in a while. People say my neighborhood was build on an ant hill.

    1. My pleasure! Great to hear from you!
      Sadly yes. Love House was crawling with them. 708 was only from May 9 till we moved out May 31. I’m glad you don’t have them!! Ants aren’t as nasty.
      Your BbFfM

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