Seeking Support

slob, humor, to do list

I’m gonna do it!         I am!!          Really!!             Today’s the day!!         I mean it!!

I will contact WP for help, if it’s the last thing I do!           (And it almost was.)

See??       I officially have it on my to do list, and all!!

slob, humor, to do list

Never mind that it’s #6, and that I skipped it.     

slob, humor, to do list

Then added, and marked off, 6 other things first!!

By 3 pm, there was nothing else I could do, except the nap.         And that wouldn’t leave time for WP.

So, reluctantly, I logged in, to, and began the great quest for help.

Did you know there is NOT a phone number for support??            There’s a “Forum” where you ask your question, and wait for someone to answer.       

Welcome to Support

Our community-based Support Forums are a great place to learn, share, and troubleshoot.

What kinda support is that??             None at all, to me!!           I need a real person on the phone, telling me exactly what to do!!            Or even better, a real live person to do it for me!!         (Shout out to my own personal tech guy- SF!!)

There were even questions without answers!!         

  • Topics with no replies
  • Unresolved topics

Exactly how does that help??            NOT AT ALL, that how!

Since I’m paying now, ya’d think they would want me to be happy, so I’d keep buying, year after year!

I have even been locked out of my old blog ever since I bought my new one!          Talk about aggravating!!!

I can’t even understand a lot of the questions!        For example:

  • FTP from FileZilla/white page
slob, humor, questions
slob, humor, questions

How ever would I understand the answers, even if I got some??          This is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad situation!!         (Thanks to Judith Viorst.)

I spent about an hour chasing my tail, before giving up.  Forget it!!          Who wants my readers to be happy, anyway??           Apparently not!!

Bed time for Bonzo!!

I never did get that nap marked.        But never fear!        I did take the it!!



  1. I despise dealing with WP anything. If you ever want my Fiverr guys information, he is super inexpensive and takes care of all my blog ‘stuff’. I’ve had more problems and troubles then I could count…seriously, for 2+ years its been a nightmare and now finally I think I can take off to 55 mph, hoping for 70, heehee. He’s the best and can fix anything. You’re adorable and the BEST blogging friend there is!!!!

  2. I KNOW there is no phone number for support! I’ve subscribed to your newsletter umpteen times and I still don’t get it, and no answer from WP.
    It ain’t your fault, and I still love you, my favorite purple person!

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