Stinky Stuff

slob, humor, rotten potatoes

Just when you think I have finished with the Love House, since we have moved, here comes another Love post!

About 2 weeks before we moved out, I kept smelling stinky stuff.           I kept complaining, and DH would say, “Oh, it’s probably the garbage.”          So, he’d take it out.

Annnndd, I still smelled STANK!

So, I went thru the fridge, and weeded out all the old stuff.

slob, humor, extra fridge door

Still that stink.              Hmmmmm….        Finally, I followed my nose around the kitchen, and found the culprit.

slob, humor, rotten potatoes

That’s it!              Yeah, excellent.       {eye roll}              You can even see the stank in the picture, can’t ya?!

So, I threw them all away, and drug the can out of the house!!         (And it was heavy too!!)

Scraped up the first layer of goo, and rinsed out the rag, leaving it there to soften up the hardened layer of goo.                                           slob, humor, smelly spot

                                                                                    Speaking of needing a gas mask!!

It smelled so bad!!

Lesson: whenever something stinks that bad, it’s the potatoes!!

Unless it’s the skillet!             Okay, smarty pants…..                 Well, it’s true!

Okay, fine.

The goo had dripped onto the floor…

slob, humor, rotten goo

slob, humor, smelly goo



In 2 different places.        Yay…..

Scrub, wipe, sweat, cry, repeat… 

All clean!!

slob, humor, clean cabinetslob, humor, clean floor

Stinky stuff stubbed out!

Just in time to move!!


A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter blend “ST”, and rotten potatoes.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. I think everyone has had that happen at least once. Onions seem to smell real bad too. Did you by chance count the number of potatoes you got rid of?

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