Tip Top Two

slob, humor, cleared top of desk

So I finally decided to just go ahead and clear it off already.

The desk, I mean.        Well, the top part of the desk to be specific.


slob, humor, cluttered desk top
Top of my computer desk.

It didn’t take me very long, at all.          I knew it wouldn’t.         In fact, I predicted all of 5 minutes, remember??

The 5 minutes included the standing up, loading my arms, walking to the closet, hanging shirt, walking to the bathroom to put the sanitizers down, putting paper under the desk, (There’s a sliding drawer, that’s supposed to be for the keyboard, but it’s too low for me, as I use it a filing stacking place.) and whatever else I did.        Which was not much, I assure you.

Thankfully, DH had already removed the tape measure.          Because that would have taken forever to walk ALL the way out to his tools in the laundry room!!             I would have had to get dressed even for that!!


slob, humor, cleared top of desk
Stapler, and roach swatter, purposely left there.

Looks so much better!!


A Love House Post.      Brought to you by a 5 minute burst of energy.

slob, humor, purple house

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