Beautiful Bathroom

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Today I’m grateful for my bathroom.        (I was just gonna say “toilet”, but really, how much can you say about toilets??         You’d be surprised!)

It’s so roomy!!          How many square feet is roomy??              IDK, that would involve math!!        But it’s 5 big steps from door to tub!!       As opposed to the 2 small ones in Absolutely.

 And the storage!!        It’s storage rich!!


slob, humor, bathroom drawers


slob, humor, bathroom vanity
Long counter, just like Love House!

slob, humor, bathroom shelves    


(Which I guess I never showed you, since I can’t find a post about it.)

Cupboards!!slob, humor, linen closet

What luxury!!

And there’s room for our hamper, yes the purple one!

humor, slob,purple hamper

And yes, thank you, Nord is settling in nicely.          I knew you’d want an update on him.

slob, humor, Nord

And oh, my new toilet!!      I could write sonnets to the beauty of a toilet that flushes easily!        This flushing lever seems to be made of sturdy stuff!!        The chain isn’t made of tin foil!!         And it flushes E.V.E.R.Y   T.I.M.E!!          Not 1 problem, and we’ve been here a month already!!        YAY!!!

Well, there is that one little problem…           Oh yeah, I broke the toilet seat again.           sigh         Why oh why do they make the hinges, and bolts outta such flimsy plastic??          So, it wiggles when I sit down.         That does affect the seating, but not the function.          It’s just a little uncomfortable, when it pinches.             PP, and CC solved that problem by using the toddler potty seat.       

slob, humor, toddler seat

Which is trimmed in “o-wange“, CC insists.      It is green, right??     I’m not going colorblind here??      But that argument is for a whole ‘nother day.

Any way, a working sink, and shower, with hot and cold running water!!

And a wonderful shower head, with hose.          I looooove it!!         And sufficient water pressure!!        Such decadence!

I love my bathroom so much, I could live in there!!             Well, except for eating, and sleeping.         And computer time.          Alright, I could sit in there for hours, just admiring!!


A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by modern plumbing.

slob, humor, thankfull

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