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My windows are covered now.      Notice I say, “Covered.”          They are not curtained, or blinded, or shuttered.         Nope!         The front windows did have matching “drapes” – read beach towels-

slob,humor, beach towels
Nice!    huh?

but now they are the proud possessor of a white sheet.        (On top of the towels.  It just gets classier, and classier!            Oh yeah, to make it all just top notch, we installed everything with small finishing nails.           We had those, and no money for rods, so….. )   slob, humor, siesta sheet


The windows to the screened porch have another white sheet.          The ones behind my recliner, proudly display a long, white tablecloth.           Ooooooo-   fancy!! 

The big window in the kitchen has a real live curtain!!           Woo hoo!!        However, it’s sideways, because it doesn’t fit correctly!!     

slob, humor, real curtain

Whatev.          The tiny window over the sink, that I can’t even see out of, unless I bend in half, has frosted window cling.

slob, humor, kitchen window

The little hall window, which looks into the shed, has a quadrupled sheer.         I just didn’t want to see the junk anymore!!          I cared not how that was accomplished!

slob, humor, hall curtain

The girls’ room has a doubled sheer.             Which coincidentally, matches the hall sheer.             So, you DO have matching curtains!             Sure!          They’re just not in the same room!!    slob, humor, girls' curtain

Our room has black-out panels.          Hurrah!!         I loooooove sleeping in the dark!    Ummmm, doesn’t everybody??           Well, yes, I guess.        But I mean the pitch black, no chinks of light at all dark!         

slob, humor, raw edge panel

After we put this up, it still had lines of light, so I had to add the duct tape.     

slob, humor, duct tape

                                                      Purple duct tape for the win!

Of course purple!          Did you doubt??           I wanted purple black-out panels too, but the store was out.          🙁           And I could not wait!!           I was 2 days sleep deprived by that point!!

Anyway, now I can sleep in blissful, blind, blackness.            Thank you, makers of black-out panels and purple duct tape!!


A Joy House Post.        Brought to you by the white sale, at the free table.

slob, humor, Joy!

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  1. Ah, I remember the days of covering my windows with bedsheets. My kitchen widow has a piece of fabric covering it, and my living room windows have curtains that I cut in half without hemming over them. Ha! Who has the energy for hemming? Not me!

    You can totally get curtain rods from the thrift store, fancy ones even. Then you can make your sheets look fancy. ^_^

    1. Exactly!! Hemming is for people who don’t have a life! 😉
      When we have a bit of dough again, I’m totally going shopping!! Watch out thrift stores, here I come!

  2. I read this and thought of our girls complaining about the sheets over the windows after the flood and we changed up their old rooms. It works until $$$ comes available. Love the purple tape! I had to find brown tape for Winnie’s windows. Those darn rays of light love sneaking in while I’m sleeping! Winnie’s shower “skylight” has a brown pillowcase covering it to decrease the morning light and keep me from being a grouchy morning person.

  3. Hey, whatever works, right?! At least they still HAD windows!!
    Thanks!! I’m almost out, pay day I’ll have to stock up on some more!!
    IKR?? Daylight should come a LOT later in the day!! That was 1 wonderful thing about our Alaska winters- 9:30 sunrises!! I hardly ever missed a one! lol

    1. Not really. The front windows is where the sun really is intense, so the double layer helps keep temp down. The rest are all opaque. It’s just not bright as a sun lamp anymore! lol good to hear from you!

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