Dear Darling

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Continuing the thankful theme, today’s topic is:

drum roll,  please….

slob, humor, drum roll


slob, humor, DH
My love!!

I can never cease praising God, for bringing us back together.

DH is a wonderful, Godly man.                 Now he puts God first in his life, before all else.

He leads me in Bible reading, and prayer, daily nearly every day.

slob, humor, DH reading Bible
Absorbed in the Bible.

He makes sure we go to church.           I appreciate that so much!!             When we were married the first time, he worked all the time!!         So, even when he made it to church, he fell asleep.         Now,  we discuss the songs, and sermon afterwards.          Such a powerful difference!          And he is very involved in the church.        He’s in the choir, and Men’s Bible study, and goes to Men’s prayer on Saturdays.          That never happened before our divorce!

He talks to me about stuff.             He shows me his emotions, now.

He listens to my stuff, and emotions!!

He’s patient, and kind.          He does so much with the girls.              CC thinks she is his third arm!      If she’s awake, he’s holding her!        He takes a lot of the child care off my shoulders.            I’m so grateful for his support!!            He takes them outside, and lets them play in his truck.          He’s such a wonderful Pop!!

He drives everywhere, so I can just rest.             He loves to drive, and I hate to now, since my knee replacement, so it works out!

He does most of the housework, and lets me just be a princess!

He has a great sense of humor, and finds ways to make me laugh.

His hugs, and kisses are world class!!

slob, humor, us kissing
My baby loves me!!

He loves my body, just as it is.

I could go on, and on.           But he’s mine, not yours, so I don’t want to make you too jealous!!

I love you, honey!!          And I thank God for you, every day!


A Thankfulness Theme post.        Brought to you by God, the Holy Bible, and prayer.

slob, humor, thankfull

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    1. Haha!! Kristy you’re funny!! Sorry, both of them are married. But I’ll check around with his single friends, see who’s up for a trip to Las Vegas!

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