Easin’ Easy

slob, humor, broom in room

Easing’ easy thru the house, putting stuff away, every time I go to another room.      (Every 90 minutes, or so.)

This is very easy cleaning, and straightening.         Easy Peasy!            Well, okay, more putting away/ straightening than any actual cleaning.          But stuff has to  be out of the way first, before you can clean, right?

slob, humor, broom in room
Sweep away the mess.         (Is what I need to do.    I mean THEY need to do!!      Not my mess!)

So very easy, to just pick up 1 thing at a time.          And I do mean 1 thing.

slob, humor, toothbrush
CC’s toothbrush.

Could ya have picked up anything smaller, and lighter??            Probably a piece of paper, yes I could.

Sometimes, I even risk straining myself, and take a stack of towels.slob, humor, stack towels







Can’t do that too often!!


A Joy House Post.        Brought to you by multiple trips thru the house.

slob, humor, Joy!

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  1. hahaha I totally agree that everything has to be picked up before you can clean! Besides, when it is all picked up, everything looks clean so you don’t have to do it!!

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