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Have I shown you my front “garden” yet??     It’s in front of the trailer, between it and the road.

Close-up;                                           slo, humor, grass

That’s it.    Repeat 50 times. 

And it’s not really so much of a garden, as it is an overgrown patch of weeds, and grass.  With 1 shrub, and 5 stumps.

slob, garden
Original garden.    No- not that one!!       My original garden.

(Nice touch, silhouettes of me and my gardening guy.)         And I decided I wanted to weed it all.     By hand.     Uh huh.       Yeah…

I made several valiant attempts, too!!       slob, humor, me weeding

3 days, I stayed out there 1 hour each.

Being as how I can’t kneel down, I sat in my black computer chair, that got demoted when I got a new one. (All the wheels were missing the middle rolley parts.      That made no ill effects on the floors- at all.      Rigggghhht ) 

And I made a dent.

slob, humor, 1 weeded cornerslob, humor, 1 weeded side

slob, humor, weed stack
More proof.


slob, humor, weeds
Proof of my efforts, with my water bottle, so I could prove it was actually me.

Anyway, so I could only reach so far into the interior.

The second time, I asked sweet DH, if he’d come remove the stumps.       At least you had the sense to know you couldn’t pull those out by hand!           I ain’t stoopid ya know!

He immediately came out with the shovel, and zippity do dah, there were 5 stump holes!!        He’s strong!!         And quick!!

slob, humor, stump hole

slob, humor, #2 stump hole
Stump hole


slob, humor, 3rd stump hole
3rd stump hole.   I think you have the idea…

I know I should have taken a pic of him digging, but I was too busy admiring his muscles!!            Sorry, not sorry.

And then, I got tired…..         Sick and tired??             Yes, smart alec.       I actually did get sick.          Too much healthy work and fresh air, for ya??           Yep, that must have been it.

And so it sits.        Growing more new weeds, after every rain.        {Which means daily.}

How does your garden grow??

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by dirt, sweat, and weeds.

slob, humor, Joy!

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  1. I am definitely not showing you a picture but I have a garden bed that is about 90% crabgrass right now and I think I’ve given up on it for this year. If yours is all weeds, don’t bother pulling them out – just put a tarp over them for a few weeks and you’re done!

  2. Dearest Lucy, I heartily applaud your efforts and hope you’re on your way to swift recovery. My weeds have totally taken over the gardens and I’m thinking of getting a pet goat. You can imagine Roxie’s thoughts on this idea. Love, Ethel

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