June’s Journey

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June was a crazy good month for my feetz!     Well, except for 1 thing….

Not only am I walking, but I’ve started going to a podiatrist too.         I was afraid she’d faint when she saw my awful toes, but no!!     

Gratuitous toe shot.

slob, humor, toes
Me toez

Apparently, she has a strong stomach!      😉

Long story short, I now am the proud owner of a new diagnoses.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome     🙁      {This is the 1 thing.}

It involves the nerves, and over reaction of the brain.           So now I have a legit excuse when I say my feet hurt!!           Don’t believe me??            Talk to the Doctor!!

So, increasing one of my already existing meds,  and adding another.         sigh     If it will help the pain, I can swallow 1 more pill.

And, she is gonna fix my ingrown big toenails too.          YAY!!             After 4 and a half decades of misery, it’s about time, I’d say!!           [ My former podiatrist, 10 years ago, took off my toe nails, and said that would solve it.          Nope.          🙁     ]

Anyway, so on to the mileage!!           I know that’s what you’re really here to see!!

June 1-7          13,353 

Jun 4:

slob, humor, 814 steps

A just stay at home day.

June 8 – 14:      10,849

June 13:                                    slob, humor, 992 steps

Another low day

Switched to new phone.

June 15 – 21:     9055

June 17, Father’s Day, , I forgot my phone at home.     I know!!         Who does that??     


So, this number does NOT reflect my actual mileage for the day!          We had the girls, so it was more like almost a mile!

June 18:  Sadly, this IS my actual mileage.           


But not too bad, for a low day!

June 22 – 28:  11,914

June 29 & 30:  3,321  Good for only 2 days!

June Total: Old phone:     48492      +    New phone: 25,882      =   74,374


April total:  15,825

May total:  51,928

June total:  74,374

Total total since I started tracking:    142,127

Approximately       61.80       miles!! 

In only 3 months!!               Unbelievable!!!

I’m so proud of me!!         [ Breaks arm, patting self on back.]

slob, humor, patting self on back

     Ouch!!       That’s gonna leave a mark!

Keeping on stepping!!

Brought to you by the app “Pedometer”.

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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