Ladies’ Luncheon

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I invited Mama and Aunt Pat over for a ladies’ luncheon.      Yes, I knew that meant I had to provide food!     I wanted to show off my new home!        Mama had been here before, post to come later about that.

I got dressed!!

slob, humor, Dressed!

YAY!!           Mama appreciated the effort.          And she even excused the pjs, since she knows I hate to wear pants, and staying at home meant I could be comfy.

I made my bed!!      slob, humor, bed is made

Proof that I made my bed before Mama came over!                   (Shout out to Kim, DD2!!)

The house was all clean, thank you honey!!            I just had to do a few dishes.

slob, humor, few dishes done








Then I had to prep lunch.           I washed the grapes, and strawberries.

slob, humor, strawberries
Fresh fruit!

Made the chicken salad.          Very easy!!            2 large cans of chicken breast, 1 can diced water chestnuts, halved grapes, minced garlic, pepper, and mayonnaise.         How much you ask?                  Big dollops, until it’s enough to mix everything together.           Measurements??              Now you know how much I hate math!

Set the table, plated the croissants, placed the bowls of fresh fruit on table, put the bowl of chicken salad on the table, and waited for their arrival!! 

I forgot to snap a shot of the salad, and croissants.             But, I’m sure you’ve seen both before, and can imagine.

It was wonderful to be a hostess, without all the stress that I used to experience before having people over!!           Since we have decluttered so much, all DH had to do was put away some clean laundry off the couch, and straighten up a few things.         Bliss!

Hugs and kisses ensued on their arrival.

Lunch was yummy, and not pronounced so by me!!

After lunch, we had to take “selsies”.          Isn’t that an adorable way to say “selfies??”

slob, humor, me, Mama, Aunt Pat
Me, Mama, and Aunt Pat

Then Aunt Pat wanted to take a walk.       I agreed, while Mama laid down on the couch.

We wandered thru the yards, picking flowers, as we went.         To my surprise, I made it all the way to the canal!    

She taught me a name for some purple flowers, “May Pops”, cuz  “you never know when they may pop up!”         Also, she gathered plant starters, so I could grow my own garden.        I want one!!          Just not at all confident they’ll stay alive under my care!

The May pops died, on the table the next day.          🙁

But the green plant starters are still green!!           It’s only been 2 days, give ’em time.

So ends my first successful ladies’ luncheon, in Joy House.

Many more to come, I’m positive!


A Joy House post.      Brought to you by chicken salad, and strawberries.

slob, humor, Joy!

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