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slob, 1 nation under God

My sis, Michelle, volunteers at Liberty Camp, every summer. 

slob, flag, liberty
slob, 1 nation under God

Now, all 3 of her children participate, as well.      Its purpose is to teach children our country’s history, from the original Christian perspective.         God was very much included in our Founding Father’s daily lives.   


       The face of prayer has changed.         The need for prayer has not.                         

George Washington, 1 nation under God

When they wrote the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, God is in there!!


George Washington quote

“Divine Providence” is one way they named God.   

 Thomas Jefferson quote

Plant City Church of God hosted the first camp this year.

slob, Jesus, Liberty Camp
Look who attended!
slob, Liberty stature, Geo. Washington
Lady Liberty, and George Washington in the house!
slob, kids, Liberty Camp
We’re so excited to start Liberty Camp!!        My nieces, and nephew.

It was held, June 18- 22, Monday thru Friday 8:30-12:30.    Cheryl Johnston was camp director. Francine Hancock, Richard Hancock, Sheila Winter, Nick Watson and Michelle Watson were teachers. Ellie Borah, Miriam Borah, and Kristen Watson were governors.      We had 63 students enrolled.

Governors are the leaders that chaperone the groups from class to class.

They learned the settlement of Jamestown 1507- ratification of the Constitution 1788.

The campers earned coins to spend on Samaritan’s purse’s Operation Christmas child shoe boxes, and prizes, toys for themselves.
The next camp will be in Dade City, FL, on  July 9-13th at Dade City First Baptist Church.
8:30 am – 12:30 pm.        Monday thru Friday.        If you are local, please sign up, and come!!
If not, why not start a Liberty Camp in your town?


  1. Whatever happened to your like button??? 👍
    We need God and we need prayers!
    God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    I thank God for Michelle and all the volunteers at Liberty Camp!


    1. I don’t know, Carmen. I can’t find a phone number to get help from WP. 🙁
      Yes, we do!! Amen!
      Thanks, Carmen. She feels it’s so imperative to teach kids our true history, not the skewed version the liberals teach.
      <3 Melinda

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