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In Ladies’ Luncheon, I told you there’d be a post later, about Mama having been here before.

Ta Da!        This is the aforementioned post.

When we’d only been here about 4, or 5 days, I asked Mama to come over and help me with a project.           Which she cheerfully did, of course!!            I’m her baby!          Well, not the “baby”  baby, but her first baby, anyway!

I needed her help putting up frosted “glass” window film, on 2 windows.

First, she cut it up into the proper lengths.

slob, humor, Mama cutting
She has crazy mad cutting skills!! She can cut a straight line even!!          Unlike me!

And she got to sit down, because she’s the manager on the project.

Then, we washed each window.      {All 2 of them.}       Nope, no pix.         You’ll just have to trust me that I did my share!

Ya have to leave the window wet, but not sopping.         Which was kinda difficult, since it was 90 bazillion degrees outside, and the water evaporated immediately!

But we persevered, and did both sides of the front door’s diamond pane.

slob, humor, front door window

Plenty o’ light, yet very little visibility!!!           Woo hoo!!             Mission accomplished!

After a gallon of cold water, and Mama having some too, we did the kitchen window. But only on the outside, we were both wilting in the heat!         And if someone wanted to look in that tiny window, they’d have to walk alllllll the way around the screen porch.      (If they want to look at my tummy that bad, have at it!)          

Good enough is good enough for me. slob, humor, kitchen window







Thank you Mama!!         They turned out perfect!!


A Joy House Post.        Brought to you by hyperbole, and heat.slob, humor, Joy!

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    1. Willow, thanks for the validation!! I appreciate it! Eventually, I want to do the tops of all the windows with it. (When I get an inheritance- lol!!) I can’t do the bottoms, cuz the babies look out. Maybe I should just leave little peepholes??

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