Mother’s Mwahahahas

humor, mothering meme

Another Monday Memes!!     Yay!!

Another look at Motherhood.         Strap your babies into those strollers!!            Here we go!

humor, mother cake meme
All mothers know this!!
humor, mothering meme
Pretty much!


Get out your magnifying glass!

humor, mommy meme
Sorry so tiny!!
humor, cleaning meme
humor, dishes meme
humor, mothering meme
True story.









humor, donut meme
This is not exclusively a mother thing!
humor, weight loss meme
I need some!!

I know, that was mean to put those 2 together!!

humor, mothering memes         I’m too old to qualify here.    Who are they??

humor, parenting meme
Whoops!     How did this Dad meme sneak in here?!

humor, mother meme


There, wasn’t that fun??         Are all you empty nesters having PTSD flashbacks now??          Sorry!

Laugh on, purple peeps.     Laugh on.



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