Purging Pockets

slob, humor, big grin

Purging pockets of general stuff.       Just little things, here and there, as I go about my day.

Washing dishes:  Why in the world do I still have this bowl here??

slob, humor, bowl

It’s not purple!       Hence begone!

Wash, and put in donate to Nick pile.

And all this silverware????         I’m using the term “silverware” extremely loosely.      Wash, add to Nick’s stuff.

slob, humor, silverware

We finally have a complete set of 4 place settings!!         We don’t need this rag    tag stuff!          Although, it does give me a twinge of sadness to purge purple!

Folding the laundry.           What in the world???              CC hasn’t worn 2T in a year!!           Stuffing it in the donate bag, in the closet.

Just going about my day, purging, and donating as I go.          I’m a purging       super hero!!

slob, humor, big grin
Uh, oh!       I forgot to put on my cape!


A Joy House Post.        Brought to you by daily chores.

slob, humor, Joy!

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