Air Error

slob, humor, dirty air

It’s that time of year again!!         The annual cleaning of the air filters!!

It might be an error to only clean the air once a year, but since we’ve only been here 2 1/2 months, I’m good with only now getting around to it.

slob, humor, tuit

Here’s the before, of the outside.          Yuck!!


slob, humor, swiped air

slob, humor, dirty air

                                                                                                   There, starting to look so much better, huh??

So, it took me a minute, or 2 to figure out where, and how to get out the filter. I knew there had to be one!!

slob, humor, dirty filter      And it’s every bit as filthy a filter as you’d expect!!

Knowing I’d breathe better, if I did some cleaning, I got out a gray rag, and got to work.

slob, humor, gray rag

But, but, it’s not a Norwex!!          I’m so shocked!           Sorry to shock your sensibilities, I just grabbed a rag.

Can ya see all the dust??             Why no, Melinda, we actually can’t.                Ya can’t??             Nope.        Gray dust doesn’t show up well on a gray rag.            Duh.                Oh, yeah.

So here ya go!             You’re welcome!

Anyways, here’s some dirty shots:


      Almost clean!!

Yeah, I need to go back over both surfaces, with a damp Norwex, to be truly clean.                 But will you?  is the question.

I think probably anyone can answer that.                 That’s a big negatory!!               Maybe next year!

Once I wiped up all the dust, I can breathe so much easier now!!             And my nose wasn’t stuffed up at all last night!!             YAY!!

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by dust, and stuffy noses.

slob, humor, Joy!

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  1. Some people *never* clean or change their air filters, so good on you! It’s nearly time for me to clean my fans, which I do once a month. I don’t have AC because of… reasons. 🙂

    1. willow, I desperately need to clean several fans, but, isn’t that what we have husbands for?? lol
      I’d never clean anything, if I didn’t have to. Why did I start a slob blog again?? 😉

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