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Betcha can’t guess what I’m thankful for today!!        Yes, they can!          Awww, man!!           Why do I write titles that give it away??

I’m so thankful for air!!           Yes, oxygen!        But mostly, cold air!!                Air con, to my British friends, right, Sherri?

How in this world, did we ever survive, during my childhood, with no air??        Maybe because we were used to it?         Maybe because we had no choice?             Maybe because Al Gore hadn’t invented global warming yet?        Just kidding!     

We did have fans, or else I’m convinced we’d all have been dead decades ago.

But then Ben Franklin discovered electricity, and the Romans invented air conditioning, and here we all are, alive and kicking.             Or something like that, anyway.

So, we have this unit in the living room, thanks to PopPop.           It’s on indefinite loan.

slob, humor, air unit

He always seems to have one of whatever we need at the moment!!       And you want him to de-clutter cuz why??

It works hard, but doesn’t have the capacity to bring the temp under 80, when it’s 100 out.        I’m still so grateful to have it!!          (Cuz we didn’t even notice Joy House had no living room unit, until AFTER we signed the papers!          Duh-oh!)         And here it is only 11 pm, and it’s already down to:

slob, humor, 75 degrees
Yay!!   It’s finally comfortably cool!!

But!!          In the bedroom, we have this beauty!!                      slob, humor, air unit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.      Skin of the hotter.

Well, beauty may not be strictly accurate.                    But when my eyes are closed, and I feel the cool breeze wafting over my face: it could look like Caligula, and I wouldn’t give any cares at all!!

I was getting a wee bit tired of waking up with icicles hanging from my nose, however.

Sad to say tho, it took me almost 2 months to figure out that the bottom knob could adjust the temp!              DUH-oh, again!

slob, humor, knobs on air

DH knew.           He didn’t tell me tho, cuz he thought I wanted to be cryofrozen!          When I started complaining, he gave me an expert tutorial.            “Turn the knob up for warmer.”         And I understood every word!!          Yay!!           World of technical stuff, I’ll master you yet!

Now when I lay me down to sleep, I’m comfortably cold, not frozen chosen cold!

A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by electricity, and freon.

slob, humor, thankfull

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  1. You know it’s hotter than she is used to when kiddo #2 asked for one of those for her birthday present (crazy millenial!) She frequently calls to say thank you when it is hot! She leaves it off when she goes to work. We had a heatwave recently and it was 93 inside when she got home. Turned on the air conditioner unit in her bedroom and within an hour it was down to 80. Those things work wonderfully!

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