Best Birthday

slob, humor, cake mix

It was our neighbor Ashley’s birthday.        To prepare, DH straightened up the living room.     TY honey!

and I cooked!

Uh-oh!          Was that thump you hitting the floor?

My bad!         I should have warned you to sit down!

First I baked the cake, lemon.       How did THAT mix get in my cabinets?? 

slob, humor, cake mix    (In a later post, I’ll elaborate on the actual cooking part.)

Well, at least that meant I wouldn’t eat the whole thing myself!     I don’t even particularly like lemon!       Maybe that’s why it survived purges??

And then, yella rice, using canned chicken.   Yep, unorthodox, but worked!

slob, humor, yella rice

Card, from my stash.

What to do for a present??        Mama said “I know you have something stashed somewhere!”         I insisted I didn’t, but prayed.         Holy Spirit told me go look in the back of closet, on the hangers.        Sure enough,     I had a bag, with 3 sets of jewelry.        One had a bikini on the card, and said, “Life’s better at the beach!”       With a necklace, and seashell earrings.       

When I bought it, over a year ago, I couldn’t think why in the world I was buying it.        But it was only $1.39!!        And I had a charge card!!!               I definitely knew I wouldn’t be giving it to my nieces, since they’re not allowed to wear bikinis.         But guess who does???

Now, what to wrap it in??        I no longer have a stash of wrapping paper or gift bags.        (I miss them too!          But not much, since a LOT of it mildewed!)

I looked around, and what to my wondering eye should appear, but a pink plastic bag, that DH had his meds in!!        A few snips of the scissors, many gator rolls later, a prettily wrapped pink present appeared.

All that was missing was a bow.        When I went for the scissors, in the girls’ room, (because naturally I couldn’t find mine in my neatly organized desk drawer, right beside me!!) I saw a broken lei.

Hmmm!!         Wheels turned!          A small piece of the lei became the “bow.”           (And obviously, I found my scissors, when I returned the tape…)slob, humor, gift and card

Looks pretty good, huh?

Ashley loved the jewelry set!!        Once she got them unwrapped!!     (I made quite a liberal use of tape.)

She knew how special it was that I cooked for her!!          And she really appreciated the effort!          

She had a great birthday, my living room was all neat, and I got to eat a good lunch that I cooked!!         Hubby appreciated hot food that HE hadn’t cooked too!!

Now there went my “”I don’t cook excuse”!!        What have I done??

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by lemon cake, and yella rice.

slob, humor, Joy!

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