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Today I’m so grateful for my college BFF, my twin, Joyous.           Her birthday was 2 weeks ago.        And her sister, Jerry, threw her a surprise bd party.        A week later!!          Which made it a very successful surprise!

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Hi, I’m Jerry!

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My twin and me. She’s the one who could eat no fat, and I can eat no lean!

Anyway, she noticed my shower shoes, and asked why I was wearing them.     Cuz my toe surgery.      What do you normally wear??        Purple Nikes that my podiatrist hates.             “Well, after the party, come to the office, and I’ll fix ya up.”         (She’s a chiropractor.)

So, here’s what she gave me:

slob, humor, birkies

slob, humor, Birkie box    No, not just a box, goof!!

Blue  Birkies!!        It was the closest to purple she had.           And it’s bootiful!

It’s her bd, and I got the presents!!         She is the best twin ever!!           Oh, duh, I just realized I’m her twin, so it was my bd too!!          No wonder I got presents too!!            I took her one!

humor, Birkies on my feet
I love them!!       And I love her!

Thanks, twin!!          You are so generous!!          God is so good to me,  giving you to me 39 years ago!!          


A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by God, and generosity.

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  1. Let”s hear it for Twin birthday fun and making toes twinkle. Yay! I was so surprised at getting to see sweet Melinda. My goal is to make the Birkenstock shoe to be seen as a cool classy sassy shoe. We are one step closer. Let’s stamp out toe cramping, bunion bumps and eliminating the resulting back pain. Together we can make a difference. Kudos to all the sweet sisters who gave Melinda a thumbs up. Love you as big as the sky, Twin. xoxox

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