Birthday Balloons

slob, Sis bd ballons


Today is sis Michelle’s birthday!!           Happy Birthday, Sis!!          I love you!!

slob, Sis bd ballons

She loves Jesus first, then her kids, then her dogs.        Then balloons, followed closely by cake!

slob, kids, Liberty Camp

slob, Jesus, Liberty Camp
Her first love.

Yeah, her kids are goofy, but sweet!!          And we love them to the moon and back!        50x!!

Sis, her doggy
Baby Mochaccina.
Sis' purple orchid bd cake

Sis' purple bd cake  In honor of you & Mochaccina!

slob, pants meme       Bwahahaha!!

Now I’m looking for more birthday memes.


All my love, Melinda



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