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Decorating the living room- yeah!!          First thing we did this time around, was hang a picture over the front door.

slob, humor, picture
Pretty Pic!
slob, humor, empty hook
Just a sad, lonely, empty hook.

Next up: Corner by the front door.

slob, humor, corner living room    Oops!       I should have cropped that pic!!

slob, humor, corner close up

That’s better!!    Nobody needs to see all that laundry, that would possibly scar their retinas!


The flowers were from Grandmama to PP: the pink dried ones, anyway, on the occasion of PP’s grad from VPK.           Awwww!

slob, humor, flowers

The roses are mine, from DH.         He loves me!           He’s so sweet!!

Then we, and by we, ya know I mean DH!!         Okay, so he hung two pix to the right of the mirrah.      Yep, misspelled it on purpose!!

slob, humor, pictures         Notice the pretty green plant??        That’s one of the starters Aunt Pat picked for me from Ladies’ Luncheon.

slob, humor, picture
  It really is!

                                                                 I love my Joy House!               

slob, humor, picture







Bottom pic.

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by a handy, helpful husband.

slob, humor, Joy!

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      1. LOL if I ever see a purple microwave I’ll let you know. Where ever did you find the fan? I think that is so cool (pun unintended).

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