Crayon Creation

slob, humor, coloring book.

I love to color.         Have I ever mentioned that?        I might have, but too lazy right now to go research.       (Yeah, I did.        Thus the resulting link.)

Anyways, I get a thrill from buying new crayons!! 

Back to school time is wonderful!         I can buy new crayons!         How cheap can I get them this year??         The excitement of the hunt!!                This year, I had to pay a whopping 50 cent each.         What a disappointment!!          Last year, I found glitter crayons (only 8 count tho) for 17 cents!         And only paid 25 for the Crayola 24 count!

So, then I have to buy a new coloring book!          Even if I haven’t finished the old one.           Shhh!!             DH doesn’t know I waste that dollar every year!

This time, I didn’t even have to buy one!          Grandmama gave one to the girls!!           Woo hoo!           Free is for me!

slob, humor, coloring book.

I’m not really fond of them, but, needs must.

slob, humor, colored picture

It was fun!!          And since the girls weren’t here, I got to do the whole thing by myself!            Usually I get one tiny bit colored, then they “help” me!           Or turn the page, (CC) before I can even lift my crayon off the page!

Just in case someone wonders whose pix this is:

slob, humor, signed Omie








Did I sign this in green???            What is happening to me??

Just yesterday, I allowed green curtains to be put up!!

I think I have a fever!

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by Crayola, and My Little Pony.

slob, humor, Joy!

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