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slob, humor, periwinkles

The other night, I decided to just ride around, taking pictures.     We have so much beauty surrounding us every day!!       I just have to remember to stop, and notice it.    And then thank God for it!!            (And I hear fresh air is healthy.     Unless you have outside allergies, that is!     cough, cough)

The creek, first.

slob, humor, creekslob, humor, creek banks     It’s 2 different places, along the way.

I know Kirt will have some pointers for me!!                    Along with math, photography is not my strong suit!

Next, some periwinkles.

slob, humor, periwinklesslob, humor, 1 periwinkle

(But I do think I’m doing pretty well, if I do say so myself, who shouldn’t!)

Next up, roses.

slob, humor, 2 rosesslob, humor, rose close up

It really is fun trying to take good pictures.          God sure has provided plenty of excellent models!!  The main frustration I have is my camera’s not taking pix as fast as I want, and I get tired of holding my arm steady.           Might need to get a real camera, instead of your phone, hmmm??

And a something or ‘ruther, that I don’t know the name of.       But it’s growing wild by the creek.          Maybe I’ll feel froggy and research it.slob, humor, flower







Then again, maybe not.          You know me too well!!          Anybody know this beauty’s name??

Surprise, surprise, Gomer Pyle!      I did try to research it.         And I started out on FL Wildflowers, then somehow got on wildflowers period.         And then I was lost for hours, looking at all the gorgeous flowers!!          Some I’ve never even seen before!!          But I can say with certainty, it is NOT gladiolus.          What it actually IS: that I can’t say.         But I did try.

Last, but not least, my fave: purple!!          Purple passion plant, that is.         Even tho my ex-SIL called them wandering Jew.         I prefer my Granny’s name for them.             Yes, I know the periwinkles are purple too…..

slob, humor, purple passionslob, humor, purple passion close up

And that’s all the photography of mine you can stand for the day, I’m sure.            I had fun, and enjoy the products of my labor.            Hope you do too!



  1. Your photos are beautiful, Melinda, so bright and cheerful – and yes, even your favourite colour of all time! I think those growing by the creek might be an irisi of some kind? Now I’ve found you on both blogs lol! <3

  2. I am seeing a nature post from you for the first time- I am so glad you are taking time to smell roses and periwinkles and purple irises.

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