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slob, humor, Winnie art

PP decorated her own walls.        Did I already tell you this??          Nope, went back over last posts since May, looks like I didn’t yet.

Okay, so here we go!!               PP decided the walls were just too, too bare in their room.           And so she took it upon her self to decorate them.      Herself.        By herself.           Without permission.            Did I mention she took it upon herself to do this??

Anyway, this is how it turned out:

slob, humor, PP artslob, humor, PP art

slob, humor, PP artslob, humor, PP art

She thought it looked wonderful!


Pop saw it! 

He nearly had a stroke when he saw it!           There might have been a raised voice.       I calmed him down, and reminded him it was their room.         And who cares about repainting for resale.        We’re gonna live here until we turn up our toes, remember???          (Upon which saying, he rolled his eyes so hard, I swear I heard his brain yell, “Ouch!”)

Then Grandma Rose gave PP some Winnie the Pooh wall stickers for her birthday.          This time, it was Pop approved, since they’re removable!

slob, humor, Winnie balloonslob, humor, Winnie art

slob, humor, Winnie art

So, DH and I decided it was about time WE did some decorating of our own in their room.         Beyond nailing up the doubled up sheers:

slob, humor, girls' curtain     Namely: clearing out old poorly done stuff.           

slob, humor, bare window       Putting up the pretty, properly installed, real curtains!

slob, humor, putting up curtains

Feel free to admire the beefcake view!

slob, humor, curtains   Did I just approve putting up green curtains in MY house???         I can’t believe that!!          Well, it it their room, after all!

Next up: owls.

slob, humor, owl upslob, humor, owl art

slob, humor, owl art

Yay!!          Now we’re talking!

slob, humor, Winnie Picture

Ashley gave this picture to the girls, since I had mentioned the Winnie stickers.   How sweet!       Pop needs to get the teeth hanger, for the back, before he can hang it up tho.        A tiny project for another day.

Pop also put up alphabet stickers, spelling out their names.       Of course, I can’t show those, since it’s their real names, not PP & CC!        😉

I think we’re done now.       

I hope so, I got tired watching DH doing all that work!



  1. My granddaughter has been drawing on walls … with permission from her dad because they’ll be painting the walls. 🙂 Winnie the Pooh is a happy choice for decorating.


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