Grinch’s Grey Grunge

slob, humor, Grinch's sock

Speaking of the Grey Grinch,           Were we??           Well, we are now!

One day I had to wear DH’s sox.            And guess what color they are??

One point to you!

As I was sitting down, I looked at my feet, and this is what I see:

slob, humor, Grinch's sock

I thought, “That looks like the Grinch’s socks, that crawled away all by themselves!!           I sure hope there aren’t any little creatures in mine!!”

Update: As I was writing this post, DH said , “What is that?”     Pointing at the pic.        “Me wearing your socks.”           DH: “Oh, well, I probably have some sox I need to get rid of.”          Be still my heart!!            Speaking of purging without any prompting- priceless!


A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by silly thoughts.

slob, humor, thankfull

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  1. I love how it seems like we have to drag them through the process of decluttering to one day have them randomly suggest/do it!

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