July’s Journey

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Let’s have a contest!!        Who can guess how many steps I walked this month?

I can’t hear ya!!           Speak up!

July 1- 7= 12,821                Starting off on the right foot!slob, humor, right foot





8 -14= 10,158         Uh, oh.          Too many water breaks!             


15- 21= 11,350        Back at it again!

22- 28= 8,579          Sadly, I hit a slump.

29- 31= 6,510           Almost as much as the week before, in only 3 days!       Wow!

Total thru 31st – 52,253               Thank you God for the health to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and staying upright in the process!

Well, that is a little disappointing.         🙁

I knew I would come to a plateau  sometime, that I couldn’t keep beating my own record indefinitely.        But I didn’t expect to drop down.

Oh well, I was sick, changing meds, and depressed several days.

The good news is: 52,253 is more than 3x the beginning!

And more than May’s total.          I will take it, and be happy!!

Hopefully August will be even better!

April total:  15,825

May total:  51,928

June total:  74,374

July total:   52,253

Total total: 194,380          That’s  82.7 miles!!!!          What??      I’d be beyond Orlando by now, if I’d kept going in a straight line!

Brought to you by determination, and persistence.

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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  1. ok, you’ve inspired me to start tracking and carrying my phone with me all the time!

    I go back to work on Monday so it should be easier to monitor – I’ll have pockets for the phone!

    Thanks for the app recommendation.

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