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Ya know what I just realized???         I did not publish a No Spend, De-cluttering brag post for June!!      And here it is August already!!           Where does the time, (and my mind!) go?

So, to save some time, and my gray matter, I’m gonna combine the past 2 months into 1 post.

{Also, so the savings won’t look so incredibly pitiful, since I’d have to repeat zeros.}

Savings:    This category tanked, big time.          Moving is expensive!!          But we have paid off the final loan, on Aug. 3rd, so August will be a lot better, in this category.        I’m determined!!

Yep, we are both still wiped out.       🙁          So discouraging!!             Well, June July August is another month.        We just have to start again!            Buying a new home, even a mobile one, is not cheap!

BUT!!        There is good news!

The girls hit the bulls eye!

slob, humor, 300 badge
So proud of my girls!!
Mostly for not noticing the things I’ve gotten rid of!

June items:                                   YTD:

DH, Me:               468                    1631

Girls:                     45                       334

Totals:                513                     2058

Did ya notice that combined YTD total??             2058          YES!!

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I am beyond excited!!
I really didn’t think this was possible! 

July items:                                       YTD:

DH, Me:              180                      1811        {This includes the 50, of 90 bazillion weeds, that I counted.}

Girls:                     40                       374

Totals:               220                        2135

DH/ I  slam dunked it!!          slob, humor, 1800/2018

And it’s only August!!!         I have until December 24th, to make a year!!        Woot !    Woot!!          As soon as my personal chart reaches 2018, ya bet your booties I’ll start another one!

2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post. 

Seriously, I should probably drop the No Spend thing, right??

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  http://www.organisingyou.com.au/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             http://www.wikiclipart.com/

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    1. Ummmm, yeah. (very tentative voice) “Gonna try” being the key phrase!! Barb, I know I have hidden stuff, but I really feel like I’ve made such a huge purge already! It’s great!! Now, if I would just keep it all put away!! That’s the trial now!

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