Poor Paperwork

toddler, big girl panties

Here is today’s Herculean task.     

slob, humor, piles of files     A pile of files.    10 files, to be exact.       Poor, poor paperwork.        Poor paperwork nuttin!!              Poor, poor me!!               I’m the one who has to deal with the paperwork!

More paperwork.           Ahhhhhhgh!             Sorry folks, she ran screaming into the night.        She just can’t even, apparently.


Alright, I’m back.      I’m taking a deep breath, and looking for my big girl panties.

cant find big girl panties

Then, we gotta problem!!          A serious problem!

toddler, big girl panties

Found ’em!!

Okay, now I need to go onto the paperwork, but I just gotta do a few more big girl panties memes!      Sorry, if they offend you, don’t look now!

forget big girl panties?


So funny, Granny!!

show butt meme
granny panties
tutu, glitter meme
Maniaexpress.com Bwahahaha!

Alright now, the fun is over.          Stop laughing!!        We gotta get busy on this paperwork!!

slob, humor, recycling bin
Recycling bin at the ready!
slob, humor, 2 yo bill
Only 2 years old!!        Not too bad.

Hand shredding is soooo tedious.          But great for anger management!!  lol

DH keeps saying he has to get me a shredder, but then it hasn’t been in the budget yet.        AND we both forget about it, until next time we decide to purge more files!            😉

Since most of our bills are now online, I dearly hope we will soon get to the place of not needing any more paperwork!!

But at least now we are done to only 1 drawer for files, instead of 2 whole cabinets!!   

slob, humor, 1 drawer

Yay for purging progress, and downsizing!

Ok, now that I have my 2018 chart almost finished, what can I attack next??

A Joy House post.        Brought to you by the letter “P”, and tired, cramped hands.

slob, humor, Joy!

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    1. BBFFJ, I’m tired of paying so much per month, or large annual sum. I only want to pay godaddy for my name, not the other hosting I was using.
      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed them! I know, poor paperwork. Nothing is safe around here! lol

  1. Hand shredding is great for tension relief. 🙂

    I don’t know if you’re getting my comments. I still have to sign in every time and they’re not showing up. But I’m reading and commenting.

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