Skippy Scooter

slob, soaking toes

Guess what I got??             Uh, let me guess, a scooter??            You spoilsport!!             You always ruin it!             No, you do that with your give-it-away titles!

For my toenail surgery, I needed a scooter.         Really??           Other people manage to walk after.      But they’re not me!!        I NEEDED a scooter!

I will spare you the totally yucky afters of my toes.              But, gotta show ya at least 1 pic.

slob, humor, gauze wrapped toeslob, humor, wrapped toes

Maybe 2.        The blue toe one was leaving Dr office.       Gauze unwrapping was at home, the next day.

slob, soaking toes

Okay 3, but last one, I promise!!         Soaking in some Epsom salts.          I edited out the bloody toes.  You’re welcome.

Now do you believe me, that I needed a scooter??              Hurumph            Hurumph??            Who says that??             Well, obviously me!

Anyway, here she is, my pretty, zippy, skippy scooter!!

slob, humor, scooter        I’m sooo thankful for her!!          I do need to name her.

Now when I go to stores, I don’t have to wait for a store scooter, when I’m hurting!!            Hurray!!

Also, she goes fast on “rabbit” setting!!          “Turtle” equates to store scooter speed!!

A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by Craigslist, and $350 cash.

slob, humor, thankfull

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  1. I thought about getting a scooter at one time too, but my stupid house has way small doorways… which is why we’re seriously considering moving, because I will need walking assistance eventually and I can’t even have a walker in this stupid house.

    It would be nice to not have to huff and puff all of the time though. Yay for scooters! May you toes have a speedy recovery.

    1. Yeah, Mine doesn’t come in the house- 3 steps up! It’s wonderful!! My tootsies are great, thanks, Willow!!
      Eh, move when ya need too, not now! Surely you don’t mean you can’t walk sideways????

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