August August

slob, steps, sneakers

And no, I wasn’t just repeating the month!!

Just in case you don’t know the other meaning, here it is:

  1. respected and impressive.
    “she was in august company”
    synonyms: distinguished, respected, eminentvenerable, hallowed, illustriousprestigiousrenownedcelebrated, honored, acclaimed, esteemed, exaltedMore

Now then;

Time for another update on my walking.

slob, steps, sneakers

I have been so pleasantly surprised with myself!!

My total for August was:

48,581 steps!!

Which translates to 20.70 miles!!          GO me!!

I’ve gotten obsessive about having my phone with me at all times!!          (affiliate link)                            I even kinda freak out a little when I forget it!

slob, steps

Only 837 fewer steps than July.      Yaya!!

April total:  15,825

May total:  51,928

June total:  74,374

July total:   52,253

August total: 48,581

Total total: 242,961          That’s  103.4 miles!!!! 

That’s all the way to Cape Coral!!


Brought to you by my phone, and good Sandals.     (affiliate link)

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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