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slob, CVS card

Wow!!        2 great CVS deals this week!!

slob, CVS card

First was KIT KATs on sale for $2.99, a good deal by itself.     (affiliate link)

slob, kit kats

But then!!          A coupon in the paper made it a great deal!!

slob, coupon

But wait!           There’s more!!           With this deal, I also got a $1 ExtraBuck back!!            That made it a fantastic deal!!

So at $2.99, minus $1 coupon, means I paid $1.99.         Then I got a coupon for a $1 back on my next candy purchase!!          Ka-ching!!

AND, I only bought that 1 bag of candy, and that’s it!!             Foiled that marketing strategy!!

Later that same day, I went back, and got REESE’S ,    slob, Reese's for DH!!  (affiliate link)

It was on sale for $2.99.       I had another $1 coupon,  slob, coupon  then I used the $1 EB,   slob, $1 extraBucks   for a total of only .99 paid!!     slob, receipt     Was he ever excited!!         I was too!

Then I realized I could have done both transactions in 1 trip.           Duh-oh!            Thankfully, CVS is only 1 mile down the road from Joy House!!           And DH was too busy munching on chocolate to complain!!

I’m so thankful for coupons!!        Really cheap, and free are my favorite things!!

A Thankfulness Theme post.           Brought to you by CVS and coupons.

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(**UPDATE!**  I’m excited to inform y’all that my daughter finally convinced me to become an Amazon associate!  Some of my links may be affiliate links.  When you click on an affiliate link–which I will tell ya in which posts, -and make a purchase, I make a small commission from the sale and/or click or signup.  However, it costs y’all nothing.  I thank everybody who use my links for supporting me, my blog, and my family.)


  1. Hi Lucy
    Glad that you got the account back before someone ran away with it( WordPress, badboy).
    Glad you got all those great candies for so little.
    I love CVS pharmacy, don’t you ?

  2. Hey, good to see you back, and able to post photos, too! I hate coupons! I always pull one out of my purse to use the day after it expires. I am a coupon drop out. haha! Glad you are good at it.

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