Decluttering Dana

slob, humor, "Decluttering" book

Guess what I have???

That’s right, Nony’s new book!!        Actually she’s come out as Dana now.

slob, humor, "Decluttering" book

Ok.        Guess what I have??           That’s right, Dana’s new book! (affiliate link)

I think this pic is funny, because that was her pic on the front of her first book– (affiliate link) her peeking over the top of a plate.         So, I took a pic of myself doing the same thing!             Wonder if I still have that one??

…..riffling thru pix……

slob, humor, Danas 1st book

Even funnier, my friend Stella did it, without either of us knowing the other did it!         😉

humor, Stella behind book
So funny!

So, now of course, I have to ask Stella if she has this new book. (She only has the e-book.      Wow, that’ll be hard to photograph!)    And find a new funny way to photograph myself with it.       Then see if she took a pic the same way!!

An actual book review will come later.        After I finish it of course!!              And this one will be a very complimentary one, since I love it!         Unlike the last book review I did…..

(**UPDATE!**  I’m excited to inform y’all that my daughter finally convinced me to become an Amazon associate!  Some of my links may be affiliate links.  When you click on an affiliate link–which I will tell ya in which posts, -and make a purchase, I make a small commission from the sale and/or click or signup.  However, it costs y’all nothing.  I thank everybody who use my links for supporting me, my blog, and my family.)


  1. i haven’t read this one yet – i loved her 1st one so much, i want to read it again before i read her 2nd one. just like you might do with a triolgy movie… watch the original before seeing the new film. lol

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