Gift Giving

­Getting excited!

Christmas, Jesus Christ’s birthday, well, the day we celebrate it anyway, is my most favorite day of the year!!

I love getting presents, but I really, really love giving presents!!

This is the start of my OCC stash.          Operation Christmas Child.        Every    year, Samaritan’s Purse gathers toys and gifts in shoe boxes to send across the world to children in need.         This year I decided I was gonna do at least 1, come what may.

I also ordered pencil sharpeners, but PP needed one, so we broke into that bag, now they’ve all disappeared!       Well, here’s one I found.

Hopefully I’ll be able to round them up before the deadline!             Which is November.           Anyone confident that will happen??          Really, I only need one!!          I doubt I’ll be able to do more than 1 this year, anyway.          You need to send $10, with each box to cover shipping.          As I understand it, all the work is done by volunteers.             What a fun way to serve the Lord, and kids!

Also included with every box is a book of Scriptures, not the entire Bible, of course.

Go look up that web site!          If you would like to send a box, please do!      You will be blessed, I promise!

After a little bit of thought, I realized the electric toothbrush was not a good choice, since the child probably would not be able to get more batteries.                So, back to manual it is!        I do have 2 of those.        Alas and alack, no liquids are allowed, not even toothpaste.           {And no candy.            Probably for the best.}

Anyway, looking forward to gift giving coming up!!


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