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I’ve heard so much about the Grove collaborative, and Mrs. Meyer’s, that I decided to give it a try.      (affiliate link)   Why not??        Ya get a $30 free gift, just for trying it!            Free is for me, remember!

Here’s the box.          Why??          Documentation, people, doc- umentation!         (If you’d ever been a teacher, you know ya gotta document nearly every word you say, and everything you do!)

slob, Grove box
Here it is!!

Oops!!  When I blew it up, it’s from Oriental Trading!     Lol,

I get so many boxes, can’t keep them straight!

Anyway, these are the real contents.

slob, humor, Grove items
Yup, that’s the Grove box, alrighty.

TP, of course!!          What better thing to get in the mail, than that!

Aluminum foil, 2 kinds of tissues, silk floss, dish soap, all purpose cleaner, walnut sponges, and then the free gifts!       Whoop, whoop!!    (affiliate link)

A glass spray bottle, hand soap, and a pretty caddy to hold it in!

I especially liked the way they packaged the pump bottles, with the tape over them, so they don’t make a mess!!

Why am I trying the Grove, when I have Norwex???

I figured you’d ask.        DH just cannot grasp the concept of cleaning without soap.       It just doesn’t compute to him.

So, rather than doing ALL the cleaning, which as you know AIN”T happening, I decided for the peace of our home, to do things his way.         When I clean, I use Norwex.             He uses soap.

Plus, the girls use soap, due to their indoctrination teaching at pre-school, to always use soap after the potty.       After 2 meltdowns, that “I have to use soap!!      My teacher said!!”         Insisting on Norwex didn’t seem so important.   

So, soap it is.          To soap, or not to soap, who even cares enough to ask that question??

(**UPDATE!**  I’m excited to inform y’all that my daughter finally convinced me to become an Amazon associate!  Some of my links may be affiliate links.  When you click on an affiliate link–which I will tell ya in which posts, -and make a purchase, I make a small commission from the sale and/or click or signup.  However, it costs y’all nothing.  I thank everybody who use my links for supporting me, my blog, and my family.)


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