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slob, humor, medical guide

So very proud of my man!!              He’s really gotten in the spirit of de-cluttering, and is working like a fire is under his feet!

He’s been working in the shed.  (affiliate link)   First, he showed me these 2 Medical info books: (affiliate link)

slob,humor, AMA Encyclopedia

slob, humor, medical guide

And said we needed to keep them.        Ya know, in case of a medical emergency. 

Uh huh.         Well, let’s see when they were published.       One was 1989.      The age of my youngest child.          29 y o.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing “New” about any information contained within!

When I said that, and suggested we could probably look it up on the web, if we needed any of the info, he agreed to recycle them.


Two, 2 more things gone out of our lives forever!!

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  1. Hey, you never know when the internet will go out and there’s a medical emergency. 😛 That’s why I have the top one… ^_^ Actually, we may have donated that… because if there’s an emergency, we won’t have time to look things up in that big ol’ book! hahahaha!

  2. My books seem to multiply on their own. I’ve donated over 300, and it didn’t seem to make a dent on the shelves. I think when we turn lights off in that room, they start making baby books.

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