Puzzle Pieces

slob, puzzle pieces

 One day I was in a very puzzling mood.         So what else to do but purge puzzles??

slob, puzzles in bin

First, I had to see if they could be donated, or had to be trashed.

So I had a little puzzle break!!          So fun playing with puzzles!           No worries, except                if it’s an edge piece, or a middle.

slob, puzzle pieces      There were 3 choices.

slob, puzzle boxslob, 2 puzzles

slob, puzzled
1/4 way there!

Later, after actually looking at the front of the box, I realized I could have just counted                the pieces.           

But what fun would that have been??

Then I got the bright idea to make the puzzle easier to store, and use.         Because let’s face it, cardboard boxes are not known for their longevity!!           Especially when used by clumsy slobs,  or kids!                 

slob, stiff plastic bag
First item up, a stiff, but not rigid, plastic bag.                                                             

slob, puzzle bagFixing the pic on the front, so we’ll all know what is inside.           

Doc McStuffins is so cute!         I would used strapping tape, instead of Scotch, if I’d had any!!

DH put up 2 little hooks, and we hung it on the wall.          There!          All ready to take down   and use!

All there, ready to put in donation box.   

slob, puzzleslob, Minnie puzzle

Hopefully some other littles will enjoy them more!


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