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slob, humor, box to sort

Going thru more Boxes.   (Affiliate link)     What a fun activity on a hot day, when it’s 199 degrees in the carport!  (That’s just an estimate, not an official reading.)

slob, humor, box to sort
Look!     I found a box to go thru! What a surprise!        Not!

I had already pulled stuff out, so that’s why it’s sticking out that way.        Finally remembering to document progress!            Hurrah!

Right away, I see Miss Violet.   

slob, humor, Miss Violet
Miss Violet

 Cindy D. gave her to me, after Miss Maggie (Cindy’s mama) died.          I cherished her.         Then we moved from Love House, to Joy House,  and she’s been in a box ever since.           Which means, she is NOT being cherished.

So, I texted Cindy D, and told her Miss Violet was ready to return home.         We’ve made arrangements to get together.        Cindy is so happy to get her back.          And I’m happy to be able to reunite them.          Sad for me, but at least I have the pic of her to enjoy.

Bye Miss Violet!!         I love you!         Enjoy being home!

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