Second Success

slob, humor, purple confetti

This is my second ever post, from Aug. 2014

Well, I did it! Swept and mopped the living room for the second day in a row! YAY me!! Where’s my ticker tape parade?

Oh, here it comes! The crowd goes wild!

slob, humor, purple confetti

YES!! It’s raining purple!

The confetti? Confetti, consmetti. I’ll sweep it up tomorrow.

I had to do the Towel shuffle, (affiliate link) because I got the second half too wet. You know the towel shuffle, right? Where you throw the towel down, and shuffle your feet across the floor, to mop up the water?

slob, humor, towel, legs    Love those legs!

Good news, it seemed to take a tiny bit shorter a time. Maybe because there wasn’t as much to sweep?? What a concept!! If you sweep every day, it will only be one day’s dirt, instead of a huge pile!  Who knew?? The Cleanies probably did, but since they’re not here, we won’t count them.  And my back hurt a little less! That is a cause for celebration, right there!!

Next time, I need to add the step of washing my feet. Cause they’re dirty, and I don’t want to put them back on the floor and get it dirty! So, what is different from any other day? That I actually DID something before sitting down all day!

So, I sit in my recliner, (affiliate link) and bask in the glow of a job well done. Ok, so I used a wipee to wash my feet. Not elegant, but it works.

Read 2 books to Pudding Pop.

DH put up 1 curtain rod! YAY! Together we put up the 1 curtain I had sewn. Looks wonderful!

slob, humor, curtain1 done, 1 to go!  And yes, it is purple, even tho it doesn’t look like it!

And it blocks out the objectionable sights!! Win, win! Now, the ball is back in my court to sew the other one. The valances??? Well, let’s just say, que sera, que sera…..

(**UPDATE!**  I’m excited to inform y’all that my daughter finally convinced me to become an Amazon associate!  Some of my links may be affiliate links.  When you click on an affiliate link–which I will tell ya in which posts, -and make a purchase, I make a small commission from the sale and/or click or signup.  However, it costs y’all nothing.  I thank everybody who use my links for supporting me, my blog, and my family.)



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