Bath Buffet

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No, there isn’t a buffet in the bathroom!!          Even we are not THAT crazy!        Besides which, there isn’t room!     😉

It’s outside the bath, in the small hall.         What??          I’ve read 1 too many Cat in the Hat books lately!!            The rhyming is almost becoming a habit, rabbit.

Sadly, I can’t find the full buffet (affliate link) top pic.          Just as sadly, that’s no surprise.

Anyway, the left side had a crock-pot in it, that’s all.     Yes, the landlady even furnished a crock-pot!!! (affliate link)    I love her!!          The landlady, not the crock-pot.             I don’t even know it that well.

So, I proceeds to put DD1’s rice cooker in the left side as well.       I figured the 2 small appliances can get to know each other, make friends even.

slob, humor, rice cooker
No, not Rilla rice, but a newer cousin.   Rilla went to her reward. RIP

The crock was already in use.       Yay me!!

On the right side went all this:       slob, humor, food in buffet

Um, shouldn’t food be in the kitchen??     Whatever, it’s stored.That black fuzzy wuzzy thing  (Help!!   I can’t stop!!)  is a hat, that Pop wears much to the delight of the girls.         Only in the house! mouse.

Now ya know everything that was piled on top.

And here is the pretty, just like we moved in, condition:

slob, humor, hall buffet

Wait!!        There’s a drawer there???

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #199


A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

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Peaceful to watch!

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