Both Buffets

slob, files on buffet


I was gonna try to stretch this out into 2 posts, but the title (Both Buffets) came to me pretty quickly, so I had to acquiesce.

But then, I was already over 160 words, so I decided, I could split it up anyway!!

Therefore, I present: Buffet Before.

Okay, so we have two buffets.        Uh, duh, Captain Obvious!

(Did I tell you Peaceful was furnished?)

One is in the dining room, the other in the hall.

And they were both piled with junk stuff.

slob, stereo on buffet
Right side of buffet in dining room.
slob, files on buffet
Middle of dining room buffet.
slob, stuff on buffet
Far left side of dining room buffet.

(See Carmen, I do have green stuff that I use!)

I got sick of looking at all this mess.      (Sick AND tired??          Yes, smarty pants.)           Why is it still here??          We’ve been here a month already, for Pete’s sake!!

As you might remember from yesterday, all that was in the dining room buffet was blankies.      

slob, blankies in buffet
Right side full, left side was completely empty. Just forgot to document.

So, inspiration struck!         Put all the junk treasures in the left side!

Voila!!              A nice empty top buffet!  Clean, clear surface!        My    new favorite!

Now when we have dinner, all we see is our food, and each other’s faces, not piles of fodder!          (Sorry, had to have an “F” word there.)

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #199


A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

slob, humor, fire pit
Peaceful to watch!

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  1. Hi Melinda! I see you’re here now! What happened? Can I email you? Do you have a “contact me” page? I see that I can’t comment with my regular WordPress login. I’m confused 🙁

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