Bracing Braces

humor, dental meme

More dental downers, featuring braces this morning.

I had them, I know how they are!!          Of course, back in my day, they didn’t have all these invisible options!!         Mine were VERY visible!!

My nickname then was Metal Mouth Melinda.            I didn’t like it, btw.

humor, dental meme
“I hate my braces so much! Where’s wireless technology when you need it?”
humor, dental meme
“Believe me, no one will notice your new braces.”
BTW: That’s a LIE!!


slob, humor, dental meme

humor, dental meme
‘No need to open wide, I can see where the problem is…’

humor, dental memehumor, dental meme

humor, dental meme
He never listens to me anymore. He just brushes me off.

humor, dental meme


humor, dental meme

humor, dental meme








Did you brace yourself for that comedy??           Tell me the tooth, did you laugh??



  1. haha – those pictures are great!
    i’ve had braces before – twice!
    i didn’t do what i was supposed to do as a teenager and demanded to have them removed before prom.

    my uncle (the dentist) warned me that i’d be back as an adult, but i didn’t care. prom pictures without ugly braces were more important to me. lol
    are you going to do Invisalign this time? why do you have to get them again?

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