Buffet Blankies

slob, humor, couch blankies

Our dining room buffet was completely empty.         

slob, humor, empty buffet
Well, except for a few place mats.

And every day, all the bedding blankies were just piled on the couch, or floor!

slob, humor, couch blankies
Every single day.

(DH sometimes sleeps on the recliner, and a girl or two always snuggles for a while.        And of course, each one has to have their own separate blankie!)

Finally, I had enough of the mess, and looked around for an easy storage solution.        That’s when I realized the buffet, 2 feet away from the couch, was completely empty!

Not anymore!!

slob, blankies in buffet

Ahhh, another mess contained!!

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #199


A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

slob, humor, fire pit
Peaceful to watch!

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  1. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Just because something has always been used for a specific purpose doesn’t mean that can’t be changed. Good for you!

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