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slob, humor, moon art

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear, yesterday.       We moved back in with DD1, and the girls!

I didn’t realize I hadn’t said that, until Barb’s comment.


Congratulations?!? I wish I could do the same thing!

How close are you now?

When I read her comment, I felt silly that I had not made it clear.

We felt being back in the same household, Peaceful, was the best solution to their anxiety problems.  Thankfully, it’s working like we hoped.

slob, humor, moon art
CC drew a moon!

So, we are very close to them!!      In the same room, all the time!       lol

We love having such closeness again, and so do they.          We are all one big happy family once again.

Except, the clutter doubled, merging 2 households again.

Gotta work on that!!

A Peaceful post:            slob, humor, fire pit

                                                             Peaceful to watch!  #1

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